On Air With ROI Corp

Jackie Joachim with Dr. Kal Khaled - dentistry during pandemic

July 28, 2020


Dr. Kal Khaled joins Jackie Joachim in the first episode of On Air with ROI Corporation to chat about what he's been up to lately and how himself and his staff have managed while continuing to run the practice through these crazy times. Dr. Khaled shares his opinion on re-entry into the work force for the dental industry, challenges with political groups as well as day to day challenges.  Jackie addresses a multitude of topics such as varying messages between provinces as well as between professions (Dental and Hygiene), managing patients’ fears and asks Dr. Khaled what a practice owner needs to be successful.  An opportunity to also learn about his newest initiative called the Ontario Alliance of Dentists and their goal of protecting the welfare of working dentists.

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